Why is post production so important in digital photography?

Why is post production so important in digital photography?

Of course you have to be exceptionally brilliant to be able to create every SOOC (straight out of the camera) picture amazing. There are two major chunks of digital photography; the capturing process and the post production process. One is nothing without the other. Digital photography courses always put an emphasis on taking both the things hand in hand. Here are a few reasons why post production is so important for exceptional photographs.

A digital camera is great but it’s not as great as the eye

The concept of a camera first came by taking an inspiration from the organ eye. The idea of focus, depth and blur all is related to the functions of an eye. If you tend to attend photography classes, you will learn the entire history of how the camera came into being. No wonder how amazing these devices are, they sometimes cannot exceed what an eye can do. You might have heard so many people saying, ‘the camera didn’t do justice to what we were actually seeing’. This is because the camera has some limitations (it also depends on the equipment as well, different equipment has different limitations). What you can do to make that photo exactly like you were seeing is the process of post-production. Digital photography courses have an entire module on post processing and tools for it.

You NEED to bring the colours or details back

The lighting conditions aren’t always helpful when you want to capture something in various weather conditions (even the extreme ones) or during the night time. Your camera can do what it can but still there’s always something that goes missing. On a higher ISO settings (usually needed in low lighting conditions), you will experience a lot of grain and noise in the pictures. Editing can help you enhance the details and get rid of that grain. Same goes for the extreme weather conditions, your photos might be blurry or over exposed. With a few touches here and there, they can become ideal just according to your liking. Learn more tricks of low light photography in digital photography courses.

You will need post processing in your job as a professional photographer

Your job as a photographer can require you to edit the pictures before presenting. All the high fashion magazines and portals only put post processed pictures in their editorials.